Relaxation and Stress Relief

Sandi Anders, MDiv, RYT, CSC

Stress in Modern Life Calls for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Do you feel stressed out?

Stress, burnout, frayed nerves, distractedness, emotional fatigue that just doesn’t go away . . . Does any of this sound familiar?

Welcome to the modern world of too much to do and too little time! Multitasking was supposed to be the answer, but it really just adds more stress.

"What is the antidote to Stress? I can’t let go of my responsibilities – people are depending on me!"

Deep Relaxation Brings Stress Relief

Relaxation is the antidote to stress, providing relief and recovery from stress, burnout and emotional fatigue. Deep relaxation provides the stress relief you need.

Relaxation?? Like watching TV?

We're talking about Deep Relaxation – Relaxation that allows your muscle tension to melt away and your brain to slow down from its mad pace.

Deep Relaxation gives your body the healing rest it needs so you can feel more like yourself once again.

What Is Deep Relaxation?

Deep Relaxation is a body/mind state in which you rest deeply. In this state there is an absence of muscle tension in your body; your breathing is slow and regular; your mind is quiet, calm and still. There is no movement and no effort. Your mind is quietly alert while your body is relaxed.

Deep Relaxation is different from sleep, though you return to normal awareness refreshed with a feeling of well-being, as if you have had a wonderful relaxing nap.

Deep Relaxation is efficient and effective. You derive a significant stress-reduction benefit in a short time, typically only 20 minutes. You can return to normal activity immediately afterwards, feeling more alert, more creative, and more resilient.