Stress Relief Through Relaxation

Sandi Anders, MDiv, RYT, CSC

From Stress to Relaxation

As you move into Deep Relaxation listening to The Alchemy of Peace & Love, your body is gradually shifting from the Stress Response to the Relaxation Response. Stress and tension melt away as your body and mind relax. The healing processes within your body have less interference from the stress hormones being continually released when you are in a stressed state.

You will feel different after one listening to Alchemy! It may feel odd or unusual at first -- to be relaxed and less stressed. But it is a delicious feeling of well-being that fills you! You are rested, alert, calm.

Regular Listening to Guided Meditation Is Helpful

It is beneficial to experience Deep Relaxation regularly. Every day would be wonderful -- but several times a week will make a tremendous difference in how you feel. Make it a habit!

Choose to Slow Down

It is a deliberate and conscious decision to intentionally slow down, to relax. When we are in the throes of the Stress Response, it's tempting to want everything quick, hurry up --an immediate response. This is one reason why so many of us resort to prescription medications, without giving the body a chance to perform the healing work it's designed to do.