How to Use Guided Meditation CDs

It's Easy!

First and foremost -- it's easy! You don't have to "try hard" for Alchemy to have its effect.

What You Will Need to Make the Most of Guided Meditation

The only requirements are:

  • a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  • 20-30 minutes
  • your CD player or iPod

Directions for Use

Get comfortable. Lie down if possible, or find a comfortable seated or reclining position. The idea is to relax completely so that you are using no muscle tension at all. You may want to use pillows or cushions to support yourself comfortably.

Start playing Alchemy

  • Disc One if you want to be guided to a place of Deep Relaxation.
  • Disc Two if you want a guided experience of enhanced self esteem.

Close your eyes and rest comfortably as you listen.


Relax . . .

After the spoken part of each disc, there is another twenty minutes of relaxing instrumental music. You may want to listen all the way to the end, or stop after the spoken part is finished. Either way, you have experienced Deep Relaxation.

How Often to Use Guided Meditation

"How often should I listen to Alchemy?"

That's up to you. If possible, to get maximum benefit when you are beginning to work on stress reduction, you might want to listen every day.

If you're using Alchemy to go to sleep, try using it every night for a week. Then try one night without listening. You may want to use it each night, or every other night ? or some other schedule that works for you.

If you have a demanding day before you, it can be useful to listen to Alchemy in the morning before you move into your day. Imagine -- starting a busy day from a place of Deep Relaxation!