Stress Management and Stress Relief Using Relaxation Techniques and Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation: The Alchemy of Peace & Love

Stress Management Made Easy

This 2-CD set by Stress Management Specialist Sandi Anders and Psychologist David Yarian gives you an easy and effective means to achieve Stress Relief, Relaxation and – a good night’s sleep.

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Peaceful Mind Meditation -- ListenDisc Two Instrumental

Meditative Song: Deep Rest -- ListenI Am Beloved Meditation

Disc One Instrumental -- ListenDisc One Instrumental

I Am Beloved Meditation -- ListenMeditative Song

Disc Two Instrumental -- ListenPeaceful Mind Meditation

Use Guided Meditation to Reconnect with Your Body's Ability to Reduce Stress

It’s challenging to be calm and peaceful these days – Alchemy is a breath of fresh air, inviting you to slip away from your cares and worries for a few minutes.

When you reconnect with your body’s natural healing rhythms, your burden of your stress begins to lift and it’s possible to remember who you really are.

Deep relaxation unlocks the body’s healing forces. You feel stronger, calmer, more capable of navigating through the challenges ahead.