Relaxation Techniques: Progressive Muscle Relaxation and the Body Scan

Sandi Anders, MDiv, CSC

Progressive Muscle Relaxation - How Does It Work?

Progressive muscle relaxation involves systematically contracting and tensing various groups of voluntary muscles, followed by a release of that tension in those muscles. All the while, you maintain a focus of your awareness on the sensations that each of these actions produce.

Develop Greater Sensitivity to Tension with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

After practicing progressive muscle relaxation for a period of time, you can develop enhanced sensitivity to rising tension levels in your body and can begin to learn how to release that tension, thereby creating more of the Relaxation Response during your everyday activities.

Guided Body Scan -- Experience the Journey into Your Body

A Guided Body Scan is designed to take you on a journey through your whole body, bringing breath and focus to every part of it. In this process, you gradually discharge tension where it is no longer needed in your body.

Body Scan Creates Relaxation

The more you are able to release the unwanted tension in your body, the more you can become more relaxed and conscious of your body. With this relaxation and awareness, your body grows more still and soft, and your mind and heart can open to a peace, stillness and balance.

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